Woman, entrepreneur, mother: I took on the challenge

Today, I want to share about being a young mother and an entrepreneur, and the challenge it represents every day. More and more women are going for entrepreneurship. According to a recent study of the INSEE about the creation of businesses in France in 2018, women have launched 39% of the businesses – they represent 4 entrepreneurs on 10. Being a business woman is, in itself, a challenge, but when children are added to the equation, it’s even more challenging. How to blossom both in our roles of mother and business woman? Is it possible to square the two away?

I became a mum for the first time 6 months ago. Besides the emotional upheaval it was for me, I had to find my new place as a mum, a wife, a woman and an entrepreneur. Sometimes, we might think that becoming a mum means we have to give up on our professional career. However, I truly think it’s possible to have both. It’s essential to be organised though, and to adapt our days – especially if childcare isn’t a possibility and when we want to enjoy every moment and not miss the important things.

So here are my 4 tips for you, working mums:

1. Assume your choices

At times, we feel like a bad mum because we spend too much time working, letting baby cry for five more minutes to finish what we are doing. Other times, it’s like we put our professional life on hold to spend more time with our children.

The thing is, we have to find the right balance between our professional life and our private life. But let’s be honest, we will have to make choices because it’s nearly impossible to be at 100% in every area of our lives – or it’s the burnout for sure. So yes, sacrifices will be necessary to make it work. We need to think about the right balance for us. Is it by taking our time to grow our business? Is it by accepting a messy home because it’s not the priority? Is it by accepting to work in the evening when the children are asleep? At the end of the day, it’s crucial to assume our choices, without any guilt or wondering what people might think.

Personally, my biggest motivation is that my baby will be proud of me, and while growing, she will look at me and see an ambitious and inspiring woman who never gives up.

2. Be organised

Organisation is key. Having a child is an upheaval in our daily life. Our free time is precious and days go by at a crazy pace.

Curiously, due to the pressure from the lack of time, I am even more productive. I know that my time is limited, so I take advantage of it as much as I can. To help me to manage my time, I set realistic goals for the day or the week and I write down every hour I work so I can see what I have done every day. What’s more, I try to organise my private life as well to gain more time for the Agency. For example, I batch cook during the week-end to avoid cooking during the week.

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3. Surround yourself

If you are a mother, you surely have felt, as soon as you get out of the maternity ward, that people expect you to manage everything, and to be perfect in every area: your maternal role, your couple, your family life and also your professional life. But we can’t do it alone. It’s so important to be surrounded: getting help with a childcare system, a partner with whom you team up, co-workers to whom you delegate.

We talk a lot about the “mental load” mothers can have. But I think, a big part of it is actually caused by us. We don’t delegate enough, thinking that others won’t do as well as us. We need to learn to trust!

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It’s true that the limit between professional and private life fades easily: we start working on the evenings, on the week-end. What a precious thing it is when our partner accepts, understands and encourages us in our life choices. The place of the partner in our adventure is fundamental. I am so grateful to have a partner with whom I team up and who encourages me to surpass myself and to follow my dreams.

4. Look after yourself

I realised that since the birth I didn’t take a lot of “me-time”. As soon as I have a moment alone, I work. However, I take the risk to burn out and lose sight of the essential: to blossom. It’s crucial to take some time for ourselves. No matter if you take a bath, have a massage, go out with your friends, as long as you recharge your batteries.

© Bel Esprit Photographie

I am convinced that a big part of our skills come from our mental health. Feeling good, relaxed and happy, will make us a better mother and a better entrepreneur!

What about you? What are your tips to conciliate your professional and private life?

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