Are we all made to be entrepreneur?

Often, we hear that everyone doesn’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. As if some of us were entrepreneurs deep down in their genes and others are destined to be employees. Is it true, though? Is it inborn or learned? Are we entrepreneur in our soul or do we become it along the way?

I launched my business a bit by accident, a lucky turn of events: a move abroad and employers I wanted to keep working with. Everything considered, opening my Agency was the best thing to do. Even if, when the idea first emerge, my first reaction was rejection. Indeed, change is scary! I needed time to think it through, to project myself before taking the plunge. Today, I would not change a thing!

A lot of entrepreneurs who told me their stories, are in their positions quite by accident – a passion which happens to be profitable, or a simple innovative idea that has grown inside of them and they went for it.

But with others, being an entrepreneur is like in their DNA, written in their identity. They always have a tone of business ideas, or projects to create. They are passionate, determined, full of ambition, ready to take risks for projects they are thrilled about, ready to put aside a stable job and a fixed income to devote themselves to their new business, ready to put aside comfort – the life they were used to at least – and try to make it work.

Is entrepreneurship restricted to creative people? Is it enough to have a good idea at the right time?

How many companies were born with a smart idea, a genuine desire to succeed and an overflowing motivation? And yet, 2 years later, they simply close their doors. 25% of businesses disappear after 2 years of existence, and 50% don’t even reach their sixth year.

Why these companies do not succeed? Is it a question of circumstances? Luck? Character? Was he/she ultimately not a person made for entrepreneurship? Is it due to a lack of talent? Is it a question a willingness? Persistence? A lack of work? Is it because we think success takes too long so it won’t work? Is it the fear of success? Impatience? Or is it simply because what makes an entrepreneur is not just a good idea but the hard work?

I would like to talk about Joanna. When I met her, she was co-director of a company. A few years later, she created a start-up and she became a business woman with a lot of charisma, full of confidence and a networking pro. Did she have these abilities inside of her all along without using them in her first entrepreneurship experience? Or is it by pushing herself and learning that she achieved her full potential?

Do we have in us the potential that we just need to develop? Or is it by working hard and by being persistent that we reach our full potential?

Actually, the question is not “Is everyone made for entrepreneurship?” but instead “Is everyone able to overcome obstacles an entrepreneur faces?

I think that predestination to entrepreneurship doesn’t exist. An entrepreneur is a person with multiple hats: a creative, an inventor, he/she must be reactive, motivated, organised. An entrepreneur is persistent, even in difficult times where he/she feel like he/she won’t make it. He/she accepts to take risks, and has an ability towards change and unknown, while overcoming obstacles.

“Most of all, I feel a change of attitude towards failure, which doesn’t look like a setback or a step backwards anymore, but like a path to move forward.”

Daniel Coyle – The Talent Code

May we not be afraid of failure! Let’s be ambitious men and women, hard workers, persistent in front of difficulties and always ready to tackle challenges!

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