Imposter syndrome: your coat isn’t too large!

Have you ever heard about the imposter syndrome? You know, this feeling we have when we doubt our skills, when we consider that we are not enough experienced and illegitimate towards our prospects or clients – as an “imposter”, a “fraud”, ready to be exposed. Today, I want to share my experience as an entrepreneur and my fight against this imposter syndrome.

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The face behind Salted Limón

It’s been a year since Salted Limón has been created. Time flies, right? Entrepreneurship is a daily life adventure, with ups and downs, challenges, deceptions but also a lot of joy and surprises! After one year, it’s time for me to emerge from the shadows and to reveal the face behind Salted Limón…

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How much should a logo cost?

Calling all entrepreneurs and business owners! You’re aware that a great logo is key to commercial success, but one question remains: how much does it cost?

On the Internet, prices range from £0 to several thousand. How much should you pay for a good quality logo? How do you define a good logo?

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Communication strategy: is it essential?

When we start a new business, the first steps we usually think about in terms of communication are: “I need a logo, a website, and a Facebook page”. Though those are good ideas, the question remains… Why? What are you really expecting from these media? Here, the communication strategy is meaningful.

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