The face behind Salted Limón

It’s been a year since Salted Limón has been created. Time flies, right? Entrepreneurship is a daily life adventure, with ups and downs, challenges, deceptions but also a lot of joy and surprises! After one year, it’s time for me to emerge from the shadows and to reveal the face behind Salted Limón…

I am Lisa, the founder of Salted Limón. I have started this Communication Agency with the hope to work for existing businesses and start-ups but also to work for good by supporting charities. I took the plunge in this adventure with dreams, ambition and boosted by a recent expatriation. Here is my story.

A year ago with my partner, we decided to leave France for new adventures and professional opportunities abroad. We choose to land in England, near Bristol. Whether it is on the personal or professional level, this new beginning shacked our life! We were looking forward to this new life, to strengthen our English, to discover a whole different culture – Indeed, even if France is just a Channel apart from England, the culture is really different. Who eats beans for breakfast except English people? We needed some time to adjust, to get our bearings and to enjoy every new discovery!

Before leaving, I was an in house Graphic Designer and Communication Officer in the South of France. When we decided to move, I asked myself what to do. Should I apply for a similar position in England? But this little voice in my head remembered me this dream I had a long time ago: what if I could become my own boss? What if I could create a different kind of Agency? What if I could challenge myself and go big?

So… I took the plunge! I decided to create my own Agency, over there, in this new country I didn’t know, where I didn’t speak the language fluently, where the Brexit is threatening. What a challenge indeed! But I choose to be confident and to go 100% for what I dreamt. Plus, the good thing was that I had the chance to begin this new business with a list of loyal clients – thanks to my French network.

In the beginning, everything was fine. I had a tone of ideas about what I could do to develop my business. I dreamt about finding a studio, even if at that time I was just working in my living room or in a coffee shop while eating a tasty carrot cake – isn’t it the best English desert?

This past year, I have learned so much about me. I had ups and downs, even some moment of doubt with a reconsideration of my abilities. I just wanted to sign new contract. I was impatient. I realised that it was harder than I thought. I had to be the perfect businesswoman, perfect in every domain – graphic design, communication, commercial, financial. I had so much pressure and sometimes a loss of confidence. I needed to compose myself, remember why I created Salted Limón in the first place and let me some time to learn how to be the businesswoman I want to be. I suppose it’s in these moments that you realise if you have the entrepreneurship soul or not. Either you give up, or you hang on and keep going with all you’ve got!

I don’t regret at all this big change in my professional life. I need determination, discipline and confidence more than ever. I always have this ambition to open my studio and add some people to the team. I am convinced it will come one day – sooner than expected, I am sure. For now, I need to focus and keep going to develop Salted Limón with my two little hands!

I think entrepreneurship is all about courage. It’s not only the freedom to work as you wish, at home, in slippers, and without makeup. It’s also pushing yourself to the limits, evolve and never give up!

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