Let’s embrace the imposter within us

In my previous post, I shared about the imposter syndrome. Now, I would like to talk about it through another angle, to encourage you to trust yourself and to overcome the imposter syndrome – especially when it arises in discomfort when you feel not experienced enough, yet completely capable.

The imposter syndrome is this feeling we have when we doubt our skills, when we consider that we are not enough experienced and illegitimate towards our prospects or clients – as an “imposter”, a “fraud”, ready to be exposed.

Did you know that 60% to 70% of people, at some point, doubt their career, the reality or legitimacy of their success?

(Imposter Phenomenon, Pauline Rose, 1986)

To doubt isn’t necessarily bad, sometimes it’s even healthy. However, we tend to attribute our success to external factors such as chance, relationships, or specific circumstances. Still, chance has never been the reason for success. Let’s stop thinking that certain individuals have succeeded because they were in the right place at the right time. Chance doesn’t come to us. We create it. It’s our role to create those kinds of opportunities.

80% of who you are is actually what people think you are.

Even if we try really hard to escape from what people think of you, what they think about your success – or not-, the reality is that we live in a society. Indeed, others define a big part of who I am. If we only tell a child that he is a genius, so smart and capable of great things, it’s very likely that as an adult he will be convinced of it. On the contrary, if we only tell him that is worthless, incapable, the child becoming an adult will surely have some confidence issue.

The first thing to overcome imposter syndrome is to know you and trust yourself.

We must learn to accept our value, our skills, and our qualities to know our area of excellence and where we need improvement. How can you convince someone of your value if you can’t even convince yourself? Start every project by saying “I can do this”, it will change your way to look at things.

Indeed, if we don’t take risks, if we don’t get out of our comfort zone, where we feel illegitimate, we will never grow our business, we’ll never achieve what we want to achieve.

So let’s be bold, let’s have the nerve to go for it, full of confidence, knowing it’s only by doing that we are learning. We do not need to wait for perfection to start new projects. Perfection is deluding. We have to start somewhere. Let’s embrace the imposter within us!!

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