Leaving and blossoming

Today I would like to share some thoughts about living abroad. 2 years ago I moved to the UK driven by an appeal for an experience abroad – being fully immerse in a new country, a new culture and a new language. Little did I know what I would become along the way.

So many things happened: The creation of Salted Limón Agency, the birth of my daughter and many other projects in progress. I feel like leaving abroad and becoming a mother have triggered something in me – as if the flow of boldness, ambition and passion has suddenly sped up. I am this seed which has been sown and is now blossoming.

Why is moving abroad a game changer?

When I look back, I realise that circumstances and encounters influence our lives. If I haven’t met this person, or been audacious that time, or if this or that didn’t happen, I would not have been here today. Despite everything, I think leaving my country was a real trigger for me.

Often people ask me if I would like to come back to France. I guess I am surprising them when I explain it’s not actually my plan. How is it possible to live far from your family and friends, missing them a lot without wanting to come back?

I realise one thing: people change. The Lisa from 2 years ago is not the same today. Leaving was a kind of freedom for me. My relatives did encourage me though, I have the chance to have a family who cheers me up and support me to fulfil my dreams. However, I think that, unconsciously, a part of me still felt under the opinion they have about the old version of me. Leaving was for me a way to find freedom. Freedom to be who I am and develop my potential without the preconceived images people may have on me since childhood.

Indeed, I truly think that some places reflect who you were back then. Coming back to these places just remind you who you were at that time. For me, I grew up thinking I was shy. Even though my family loved me and valued me, something was prevented me to be fully myself. I don’t know where these feelings came from, but leaving abroad allowed me to refuse it and do better.

Motherhood, everything is possible

I was sharing about these positive feelings with a friend, and she told me that she felt exactly the same when her first child was born: renewed ambition and motivation to take on new projects. I have also read testimonies about women creating businesses while being in maternity leave. Is there a link between motherhood and ambition? I wonder…

I am not a scientist nor a doctor. I have no idea what the delivery can trigger in our brains, but when I look at my experience, I know that giving birth is both physical and mental, and that something beyond us happens.

Indeed, giving birth is surely the most wonderful and painful thing a woman go through. After such an experience, we feel so proud. In fact, a lot of us say “I did it!” after pushing for hours and baby is finally here. Actually that was one of the first thing I have said. I was just so proud of myself – especially because I did it without epidural, only with the strength of my mind and my breathing.

After going through this, I think we know, deep down, that we are capable of big things! If we want something and go for it, then we can succeed. If we manage to do it in a birthing room, then we can absolutely do it in other fields.

Today, I would like to encourage you, women, to trust in your unsuspected abilities. Be empowered! There are only opportunities, just go for it!

What about you? What is your trigger event?

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