The Face Behind Salted Limon – Update

Hi, I am Lisa, aka Salted Limon. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Bristol. A lot happened in the last 4 years of Salted Limon, so I feel it’s important to give you a little update on what has been happening. You may (or not) have noticed my silence on this blog or my social media over the past year. Yes, Salted Limon is still alive, life just came in the way. So, here is my story.

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Communication in the era of social distancing

Our lives have been shaken for almost a year now by an invader that doesn’t seem to go away. Coronavirus changed a lot of things in our society and in our way to interact with each other. Three lockdowns, wearing face-covering, and a bunch of restrictions makes our interactions more difficult.

Still, communication is based on the link we bond with each other, the connection, the listening, the understanding. How to take up the challenge of better communication in a context of a global pandemic?

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Are we all made to be entrepreneur?

Often, we hear that everyone doesn’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. As if some of us were entrepreneurs deep down in their genes and others are destined to be employees. Is it true, though? Is it inborn or learned? Are we entrepreneur in our soul or do we become it along the way?

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Woman, entrepreneur, mother: I took on the challenge

Today, I want to share about being a young mother and an entrepreneur, and the challenge it represents every day. More and more women are going for entrepreneurship. According to a recent study of the INSEE about the creation of businesses in France in 2018, women have launched 39% of the businesses – they represent 4 entrepreneurs on 10. Being a business woman is, in itself, a challenge, but when children are added to the equation, it’s even more challenging. How to blossom both in our roles of mother and business woman? Is it possible to square the two away?

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Procrastination is not taking over

In these lockdown times, where we have no other choice than staying home, and where many are working from home, everything seems to be paused. Every morning we are wondering: “What am I going to do today?” Some of us write To Do Lists to stay focused, others take things as they come. However, whether you are self-employed or an employee working from home, one thing more tempting is taking over: procrastination.

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Let’s embrace the imposter within us

In my previous post, I shared about the imposter syndrome. Now, I would like to talk about it through another angle, to encourage you to trust yourself and to overcome the imposter syndrome – especially when it arises in discomfort when you feel not experienced enough, yet completely capable.

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